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Country Riser Lane Smith Puts His Mark On Music City In New Single "Austin"

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

We all remember Blake Shelton’s hit song Austin. Today rising country crooner Lane Smith puts his mark on the city in song.

Seamlessly blending country rock and pop, Lane grapples with the fact that love and life are still back in Austin. Relishing in the pain, the emotive track written by Lane, Kelly McKay and Peter Daniel Newman is a refreshing yet universal take on heartache. A true testament to the power that songwriting can have, Lane connects. Through lonely drinks and missed phone calls he paints a vivid picture of heartbreak that resonates with anyone who has experienced the agony of lost love. Don't we all want the way it was back then?

Smith's heart oozes from the tack, maybe that steams from his days in rodeo. In college, he pivoted from the rodeo circuit to trying his hand at a music career—he’d picked up his first guitar and quickly fell in love. After a chorus of encouragement from friends, he released his first songs.

“I loved rodeoing from the day I started to the day I decided music was where I wanted to be,” he says. “But I had two dreams growing up; one was rodeo and one was music, and I’m glad that’s where I’ve landed now.”

Finding in stride in song, Lane's approachability allows fans to find their own narrative in theres.

This painfully relateable love ballad brings Lane’s star power to the forefront. With memorable lyrics and a universal take on heartache, Lane is a welcomed riser to the country music landscape. With vivid lyrics and idyllic storytelling Austin is an instant classic for this born hitmaker.


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