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Country Riser Ryan Larkin's Debut EP Is A Musical Storybook Worth Listening To

The music city native makes his mark today with his debut EP: Meet Ryan Larkins.

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Some may say that growing up in music city gives you a leg up, but for Ryan Larkins, growing up a son of a preacher, meant that his love of country music came a little later in life. Immersing himself in a healthy dose of classic country sounds and pulling inspiration from the most acute moments of everyday life, the five track EP is one that country fans will crave.

From the first whiskey soaked note, Man That Holds A Beer sets the tone for what Larkins is all about. Ryan's sharp twang unfolds a story that is quintessentially country. Through thoughtfully placed pedal steel, the track pays homage to the the feeling of ease you feel when you crack a cold one and finding contentment in the little things. A true songwriting masterclass, Ryan's innate ability to inject lyrics with personable edge is seldom found. Feverishly clever, the ode to beer is't over done, but fresh and fun.

Pulling from his relationship with his wife and children, She’s the Tough One and its ode to strong women everywhere only amplifies Ryan's Music City chops. Reminiscent of early George Strait, Larkins playfully confesses that he doesn't wear the pants in the relationship. Like a conversation with an old friend the track is approachable and endlessly applicable. A steady drum beat only amplifies Ryan's tender tone and that nothing short of country gold.

With the right amount of twang and an early 2000s feel Dream Baby is well a dream. An ode to wide open dreamers and lovers, Larkins bets it all on a girl with a red ribbon in her hair. Full of bright guitar and a cravable melody, the track takes the often mundane love story and reinvigorates it.

With our eyes wide open

Even with one wing broken

Still gonna touch the sky

Everything's gonna be alright

I'll pour the milk, you bring the honey

Outside of the street ain't always sunny

Even when it rains, we're coming up daisy's

Just a couple kids living this American dream baby

Sweet and strong, Paid For It is a masterclass in timeless country storytelling. Ryan chronicles life lessons and the values that we carry because of them. From breaking a neighbors window with a baseball, white lies and the importance of family, Ryan's innate ability to evoke emotion out of every line and connect is a true feat in modern country.

Ryan teamed up with William Duval and JR McCoy for a cheeky track that is headed to country radio. King Of Country Music is a career defining track for the Nashville native. Full of music city magic, Ryan pays tribute to the great country music troubadours that came before him. From Jones to Strait, Ryan sings of what makes our genre so special. The mid tempo chorus, alongside Ryan's perfectly placed tone lands on the fact that we can argue for days who the king is, but at the end of the day the song wins!

Perhaps the magic in this project is that Ryan is unafraid of sharing what the genre is to him. Through powerful story and a classic sound, the rising talent solidifies himself as one of the biggest acts to watch in 2023. Steadfast in creating stories that fans can attach themselves toRyan Larkins' superpower is his ability to chronicle the ins and outs of everyday life and make them feel vivid and fresh. Highlighted through powerful lyricism and brilliant melodies, the EP is one that you do not just simply walk away from. A true master at his craft Larkins is just getting started.


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