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Country Riser Troy Cartwright Hones In On His Craft With Two New Standout Tracks

One of Music City's best kept secrets, is a secret no more.

Today, self proclaimed heartbreak troubadour Troy Cartwright shows off his hitmaker chops with not one but two new tracks for fans to obsess over. Known for his raw and earnest storytelling, Troy continues that tradition in both the heartbreaking Girl I Loved Before and the introspective Can't Stop Falling Apart.

Intoxicating from the first note, Girl I Loved Before showcases the best that this Music Row magician has to offer. Grappling with the fact that his flame is flizzling, Troy begs to save the love story he yearns for. Backed by a vivid drum beat and clever guitar riffs, Troy's country tenor offers up a unique take on the classic heartache tune.

Thought provoking and smart, Can't Stop Falling Apart embodies Troy's dynamic writing style. In just over three minutes, the Dallas native flawlessly personifies the gamble we take in order to chase our dreams. Relishing in the highs and grappling for hope in the lows, Troy's smooth vocal married with a universal story of feeling empty even when your dreams seem to appear right in front of you. Steady and candid, Troy lets fans into his own Nashville journey.

“For the last ten years, I’ve put everything I’ve got into making music, into “the dream”. Lately, I have had this vague awareness that it was starting to pay off. I started getting a little bit of that success that I’ve always chased. But to be honest, I didn’t feel anything,” Cartwright explains in a press statement. “Or what I did feel was the weight of everything I’d skipped out on to get to this point - starting a family, the missed birthdays, weddings, the toll on my wife, my health, and a lot of other stuff that is actually really important to me.”

A prolific songwriter, Troy Cartwright superpower is finding the most acute parts of everyday life and magnifying them to make each track approachable and universal. If these two tracks are any indication of what is to come, we will be patiently waiting.


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