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Country Sister Duo American Blonde Delivers An Anthem For Independent Ladies In "A Man Like You"

Something can be said about blood harmonies, and rising country duo American Blonde is an earnest example of what a sisterly bond can bring!

Photo by Mackenzie Ryan Photography.

Today, Nashville based sisters Nata and Tinka Morris are bringing come welcomed girl power to their feisty new single A Man Like You. The catchy mid tempo track offers up the best that pop country has to offer, engaging lyrics, a clever point of view and a well thought out beat.

“The first time Nata played this song for me, I immediately knew I could relate to the message," Tinka says of the new song. "'A Man Like You' sends a really good message about being in a relationship that allows you to hold your own in life, while at the same time, not having to do it alone. Having a supportive soulmate by your side can be a special addition to life. The fun, catchy beat also just makes it super fun to jam to as a drummer, and perform live on stage."

Refusing to be damsels in distress, the sisters stand firm in their sense of self and tell their love interest, "if you can't handle a strong lady, then you can leave." The single is an anthem for the independent ladies & the good men by their sides!

"When you can chase your dreams and make them happen with a loving, supportive partner by your side - that is the ultimate goal! I wanted to encourage listeners out there to never give up on their dreams, because the right person will happily chase them with you," Nata tells All Country News.

Pop country can often seem like a boombox on replay, American Blonde offers up an edge that is well needed and welcomed! Through clever word play and an engaging narrative, A Man Like You is the perfect launching pad for these two sisters.


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