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David Tucker Revisits And Reflects On His Growth From Near-Death Experiences In “Water It Down”

One of country music's most resonant qualities is how it faces the truth head-on. The powerful genre tells stories just the way they are, free of sugar coating. This renders it the perfect medium for David Tucker to convey his four-minute musical autobiography, in a bold track called "Water It Down," complete with a graphic visualizer.

"Water It Down" really doesn't water anything down. An inspirational Tucker accurately depicts his resilience in a driven track, quite literally rising like a phoenix from the ashes. The music video impactfully portrays Tucker's journey to hell and back, allowing us to see from his perspective.

In the song's chorus, Tucker gives impactful advice ("You gotta fight like hell when there's fire in your bones / Burning like the devil's got a hold of your soul" ) and transparently communicates how he's lucky to be alive today ("Take it from somebody who knows / Yeah I got way too close to six feet under the ground / No, you can't water it down"). These lyrics come from a true story - Tucker almost succumbed to his injuries from a car accident, as well as a series of health complications over the years. Faith, grit, and perseverance helped him keep a positive outlook as he recovered.

As he has now made it to the other side, "Water It Down" passes on his advice to others who identify with his struggles. We love the beautiful way he inspires us with his personal story and insight. Tucker is living proof that no matter what hardships you're going through, you're still here and alive for a reason.


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