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Discover the Southern Charm of Caleb Lee Hutchinson's Musical Odyssey - Southern Galactic

The American Idol alum says he found himself and his voice in his debut project.

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After a whirlwind of a couple of years, Georgia native Caleb Lee Hutchinson says that he is finally settled into his artistry. Today the southern charmer released his sonically inventive new project Southern Galactic, to which Caleb said, " If Elon Musk lands us on Mars and they build a honky tonk, this is music designed to be played in it. This is the jukebox."

Known for his rich storytelling and infectious twang, Caleb gifts fans twelve songs that cover any everything from heartache, growth and a damn good time. "To me, this whole era in my personal life has been about just kind of self-discovery and becoming myself truly for the first time as a person and an artist. And I think the music is kind of reflective of that. So this is sort of my reinvention era, I suppose." Caleb told All Country News.

From the jump the opening track Silverado sets the tone for the whole album. The sonically provocative track combines elements of old school country with a new age twist. Pulling from his hero Johnny Cash, Caleb's contagious twang narrates a modern love story all centered around an American classic. Serving as Caleb's "Nirvana" moment, he admits that he pulled inspiration from the Highwaymen and how the country icons just did it their own way. Comfortable and confident in his artistry, Caleb is sticking to his guns and it is paying off big time.

Magical and inventive moments weave in and out of the album, creating a musical tapestry that engages fans from lyric to lyric. From the groovy happy hour anthem Good At Being Bad to the introspective Quarter Life Crisis, Caleb injects his own story into each verse. "I think this whole past year and a half, especially, has had a lot of complex emotions. Every three months, it felt like I was kind of a new person and experiencing new things," Caleb said of the project. " I think it's just kind of old and new. I've tried to honor the people of the past and of the current that I love and admire while also contributing my own spin on it."

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Rounding out the project on a reflective note the introspective She Didn't Drink With Me. A song that Caleb says is all about acceptance. " I wrote this song when I was in this place of learning to accept who I was and here I was. On an album that has so many crazy moments, it was nice to end with a ballad that felt really true to me."

From first to last note the album demands attention. From tender moments of growth to acute moments of everyday life, Southern Galactic serves as a moment that country music has been needing. Inventive and bright Caleb Lee Hutchinson stamps his ticket on the train to the top.


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