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“Downtime” Duet from Roman Alexander and Karley Scott Collins Rediscovers Love

Few things are as captivating as a heartfelt duet that tells a story of love, connection, and cherished moments. Roman Alexander and Karley Scott Collins have masterfully captured these emotions in their duet version of "Downtime," a song that celebrates the simple joys of catching up on downtime with a lover and savoring the night together.

Roman Alexander, known for his soulful voice and heartfelt songwriting, has created a new interpretation of “Downtime” with Karley Scott Collin’s emotive vocals. The song speaks to the heart and is a melody that captures the magic of spending quality time with someone you love. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of two people seeking refuge from the chaos of life to be together, if only for a while. The song's chorus beautifully encapsulates the essence of the narrative:

"Catching up on downtime

No one else around time

Don't you think it's bout time for something like that

Red wine on the table

Whatcha say we lay low

We can let today go out like a match

I know that we got all damn night

But I'm wishing I could slow down time

Burn up all the moonlight

Baby, just you and I

Catchin' up on downtime”

The song's melody, infused with gentle acoustic guitar and harmonious vocals, creates a soothing and romantic atmosphere that draws listeners into the world of the two lovers. The chemistry between Roman Alexander and Karley Scott Collins in "Downtime" is undeniable. Their voices blend seamlessly, creating a harmonious duet that captures the essence of the song's message. Roman's soulful, emotive delivery pairs perfectly with Karley's warm and inviting vocals, creating a musical connection that feels genuine and authentic.

“I love 'Downtime' as a duet because it’s sweet & and slow – smooth and sexy. Karley added even more energy to it. 'Downtime' (feat. Karley Scott Collins) has a lot of classic country flavor and a lot of Billy Currington vibes that I love, but it allows my fans to get to know her and her fans to get to know me. Can't wait for you to listen," Roman tells All Country News.

This heartfelt song takes listeners on a journey of love, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of life to savor precious moments together. "Downtime" reminds us that sometimes, the most meaningful moments are found in the simplicity of being together with the one we cherish. With their incredible talent and undeniable chemistry, Roman Alexander and Karley Scott Collins have breathed life into this song, making it a must-listen for country music enthusiasts.


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