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Erin Duvall's Powerhouse Vocals Shine In Relatable "Too Little, Too Late."

February 20th 2023

We have all been there, in a relationship that just needs to move on. Well enter Dallas native Erin Duvall to help wrap up all those feelings into one powerhouse country music tune!

Erin's soulful country tone follows a bluesy guitar to tell the story of a guy who just in her words "keeps telling lies you believe in your head." The verse climbs to a rocking peak with a toe tapping beat. Erin has had enough its "Too Little, Too Late." Erin's vocals shine in a Joan Jett meets country music style. The songs lyrics are relatable and many times in the song we pictured ourselves there too.

Erin's new found confidence is sewn perfectly from top to bottom and empowers others to do the same.

The Texas native was raised on country, blues, gospel, and rock ‘n’ roll, Erin finds her artistic creativity through her musical inspirations, such as Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Shania Twain and Reba McEntire.

Erin is also a mother of four and has seen her share of ups and downs a relationship can bring. It is that kind of real world knowledge and heartache that drives this song.

"The weight of the wrong person in your life can be crippling. It can strip you of who you are supposed to be and clip your wings down from allowing you to fly. The right partner lifts you up and soars next to you. The right partner walks with you hand in hand, making the hardest of times manageable and the best of times even that more sweet. We all deserve to be happy, whether that is in the right relationship with a partner or in the right relationship with ourselves,” Erin said in a press release.

Produced by Terry Baker and Simeon Baker from Baker Brother’s Music, “Too Little, Too Late” speaks about the real fine line between love and hate. “We all deserve to be loved. We all deserve to find the right partner. My parents are celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversary this year! I celebrate love, I choose love, and I support love! However, when one knows it is not the right fit, when you feel pulled down instead of lifted up, when it is physically draining, then one should choose personal happiness. Because you must be happy with yourself to find the right relationship. You have better relationships with everyone across the board when you are personally centered and free. So this song's for you! Say “Too Little, Too Late” to those that dim your light and don’t give you the freedom to soar to great heights. You are amazing and deserve nothing less,” says Erin.

Erin's thoughtfulness, care and confidence that she put into the song makes her shine among the rising stars in country music.


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