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Erin Kinsey Drops "Handful" For The Couples & "Already Broke Up" For The Heartbroken On V-Day

Texas native Erin Kinsey is bringing her bold country-pop vocals to your Valentine's Day soundtrack! In a stunning double release, the rising 22-year-old singer embraces two equally common moods for the holiday. If you're in a healthy relationship with a partner who happily embraces your quirks, you'll identify with "Handful." However, for those not in the best place romantically, "Already Broke Up" can offer comfort and support as you work through things.

"Even though [it's] not a Friday release, I'm so excited to put these out on Valentine’s Day. I feel like it's a way for me to give a valentine to all of my fans and listeners like back in elementary school!" Kinsey told All Country News. "It's a pick-your-poison, red pill or blue pill, musical Valentine’s Day gift from me, to anyone listening or watching no matter what kind of Valentine's Day they are having this year."

Before deep-diving into "Handful" and "Already Broke Up," the singer explained to us one of her favorite Valentine's Day memories! Her family has kept this sweet tradition since her childhood. "My dad used to buy me, my sister, and my mom flowers, and all the cheesy V-Day gifts. He definitely set the standard of how we should be treated by a guy, and always picked out things with so much thought of what we would like and how to make us feel special and loved. Even after I moved to Nashville, my dad still sends me flowers every year, and I'm excited to get them this year too,” shared Kinsey. Everyone deserves a family as cute and thoughtful as hers!


Aided by minimalistic guitar and drumlines, the carefree yet forthcoming "Handful" puts Kinsey's unmatched pipes on full display. The tone and lyrics carry lighthearted and joyful qualities, but she doesn't shy away from being assertive, or showing off her signature belt.

"This ain't a part time position," Kinsey sings right off the bat. "I'm looking for a ride or die." Kinsey introduces herself to a potential love interest, playfully warning them that she "could be a handful." Anyone who's unapologetic about their forthcoming and sometimes crazy personality can easily relate to this song.

"'Handful' has always been one of my favorite songs to perform live, and I always love to watch the girls laugh with their boyfriends during it! I posted about it a while back and it got a good bit of attention from girls that considered themselves a little bit of a 'Handful,' so I'm really excited for it to be out in the world in such a special way," she reflected.

"Already Broke Up"

The cathartically pulsating production of "Already Broke Up" contrasts the more tender side of Kinsey's vocals, especially in the verses. She illustrates the feeling of wanting to hold on, even when a relationship is falling apart. Haunting echoes of "we broke up" following the chorus accentuate the emotionally charged storytelling. The track's multiple layers, both lyrically and sonically, fit together in just the right way - and the end result is a heart-wrenching masterpiece.

"I think in a long-term relationship, it's easy for there to be a time period when you know things aren't working, and even though you'll probably end up parting ways, no one has called it yet. It's a pretty particular time period, but if you've ever been there, I hope this song puts to words what a heartbreaking time it can be. Even though it was really fun for me to play all the instruments on this, I think it's also cool that it almost represents being 'alone' even though you're technically in a 'relationship,'" said Kinsey of this track.

We hope that Erin Kinsey's double release made your Valentine's Day as much as it made ours! With a direct and vivid approach to her songwriting and delivery, Kinsey stands out amongst Nashville's current sea of rising stars. We can't wait to see what she does next - big things are in store for her!


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