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Erin Kinsey Played Her Cards Right With New EP "Bet My Heart"

This small-town girl is making big steps in her cowgirl boots with her new EP!

Erin Kinsey really puts her heart into her new album Bet My Heart and gets personal with her fans as she takes her next steps in her personal journey.

Getting more vulnerable with time, she’s spent the last year writing out her life in real time, exploring ups and downs and coming away with an empowering truth. Life rarely turns out the way we expect, Kinsey explains, but with a shoulder to lean on, it can be a beautiful ride. In a press release Kinsey stated, "The last EP was honest, they were all my stories, but I definitely left out a lot,” she says. “I'm not leaving out anything on this one.”

This cowgirl knows how to get her album started with Boys In Boots. In this song she knows exactly what everyone wants, a country lovin cowboy, with his faded wrangler jacket, and his sweet southern accent. With this upbeat tune, she "ain't throwing no shade" at those who like a city boy, but girls like her like boys in boots. If you are looking for a backroad riding song this summer, Erin's got you covered with this one.

Even though she knows exactly what she, and her fans want, sometimes those boots aren't made for staying still. In her song Stayed A Summer she reminisces on the one that got away. Wishing that love would have stayed in the front of a red 4runner, she sings of her heartbreak for the summer. She also sings of her heartbreak in Always Never. She slows the beat down in this song, knowing that it was always never going to be her. With her big dreams, and his leaving tendency, it was good love but bad timing. Fans going through a heartbreak can really relate to these right person, wrong time songs.

The heartbreak doesn't last long as she finds her worth in her song Handful. She once again knows what she wants, but this time, also what she deserves. She knows she can be a handful, but that's why God doesn't give you more than you can handle. She sings about the late-night Saturday, to the front pew love on a Sunday, and how blessed she is to have found the right person, in the right time, who loves her for exactly who she is.

When Kinsey said she wasn't leaving anything out... she was right. She laid her cards all out on the table and her heart right next to it. She takes us through the full story of falling in love with a boy in boots, getting heartbroken, to finding her worth. This EP is truthful, honest, and relatable, and this cowgirl is on the rise with her new album and her career!


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