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EXCLUSIVE: Brian Kelley Chats Finding His Groove With New Music, His Love Of Burgers & 2024 Plans

Brian Kelley is going to make 2024 his year!


The country crooner is full steam ahead for this next era of his career. The Florida native plans to take 2024 by the reigns as his first album as a solo artist following his run in the wildly successful country duo Florida Georgia Line will make its highly anticipated release in the new year. Ready to make his mark, Brian sat down with All Country News to chat about what he is excited for in the new year!

"My goal was to have my solo career and to still continue to do FGL, and it was to do both. And obviously things didn't work out that way," Kelley admits. "For me, switching into the mindset of a more serious mode. I'm going to pour the foundation of a true solo career this year, and I want to do it right, I don't want to skip any steps."

Exploring His Passions

A true renaissance cowboy, Brian takes pride is diving into all of his passions headfirst. A Florida foodie, Kelley and his wife Brittney partnered with good friends Jason and Brittany Aldean as well as baseball Hall Of Famer Tom Glavine and his wife Chris to open Papa Surf Burger Bar.

While Kelley admits he never thought he would be a restaurateur, he shared that the memories created in this special place were hard to ignore. Not to mention, his love of finding local gems lead him and his wife to the realization that they should open one of their own. He also admits while the signature BK burger is pretty straightforward, Aldean's burger is also one to try.

“There will be so many special moments and memories made there. The vibe is real, the energy is great, and the burgers are next level. We’re so thankful to our partners for dreaming this all up together, and our team for working so hard to bring our vision to life.”

Justin Mrusek

Finding His Sound

Oozing with confidence is Kelley's latest single,How We’re Livin’,” is BK through and through. The track penned by BK, Jimmy Robbins, Mark Trussell, and Micah Carpenter is a high octane barn burner and an ode to the simplicities of your hometown. Yet, Brian said the song almost didn't happen. 

"That was a funny day because that was the second song of the day we wrote. Halfway through our first song and I realized it wasn't for me. I asked the guys if they had time for another. Micah Carpenter had this little guitar riff and I instantly connected to it. I had this line, "our boots stay ready to saddle up," that I had just written down in my notes.

Then as we kind of got in the chorus, we kind of threw that line in there. I grabbed my guitar and sang the first line of the chorus, and that moment right there was when I was like, okay, I'm all in on this song."

‘Round here it’s a family tradition/ It’s a long long line of lovin’ how we’re livin’/ Can’t help it it’s a country boy condition/ Where we spend our Johnny cash on huntin’ and fishin’/ And our boots stay ready/ Saddle up big Fords big Chevys through the mud/ ‘Round here it’s a family tradition/ It’s a long long line of lovin’ how we’re livin’,”

Looking Forward To 2024

Leaning into the songs and stories that feel most authentic to him, Brian is ready to show country fans what BK confidence is all about. "The songs have given me confidence in the team around me and in myself."

This new-found confidence has led Kelley back into the studio. Alongside iconic producer Dan Huff, Brian admits that he is fired up about all the new music he has coming out in 2024. "I do have a full project coming out in 2024. But before that we have a few more singles scattered until then. I really think sonically for my next project, it is really next level. I just can't wait to see what the world thinks about this project." Needless to say, we will be anxiously waiting for this new era of BK to be unleashed.


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