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Gary Pratt Explores What It Means To Be Country In “Till Your Boots Are Dirty”

By staying true to his roots, Gary Pratt is making his mark internationally. The Pennsylvania- born singer nails the traditional sound in "Till Your Boots Are Dirty," an ode to the classic country lifestyle.

Surprisingly, the lyrics seamlessly incorporate a stranger's remark at the gas station - "you better feed that [truck] a little mud!" - which he heard while he was literally on his way to a writing session. Talk about creative inspiration on a silver platter!

"It reminds me of where I came from," shared Pratt in a recent press release. "The farms, the dirt biking, the mudding, and catching crawfish in the creek at my great Grandpap's farm.  We also had a few chickens, horses and cows in a barn my Dad built, by our house. Believe me, there's no way of getting around the dirt and mud when you raise animals like that.”

Authentic and energetic, "Till Your Boots Are Dirty" is the ultimate anthem for cowboys, cowgirls, and cowpeople. The hard-hitting track incorporates rock, bro-country, and honky tonk influences, and Pratt's gritty delivery makes it come to life. To say we're hooked is an understatement. We're so glad we could start our Friday morning by listening to this masterpiece!


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