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Get An Inside Look At The Early Day's Of Jordan Davis' Baby

On Tuesday, June 13th, at 3:23pm Elijah Patrick Davis was brought into this world!

These sweet photos were shared from the hospital as Jordan and his wife Kristen soaked up precious time with him.

Via Kirsten Davis's Instagram

This 10lb. 1oz. bundle of joy immediately brought happiness into the world, but he had a hard first few days of his life. After he was born, he was whisked away to have immediate surgery. He did great during the surgery, and after a few day's in the NICU under strict supervision, he was able to go home!

Kristen shared his story and the news of his recovery on Instagram.

The family was finally able to go home and celebrate this precious new life.

Speaking of home, there was a BIG surprise waiting for sweet baby Eli and his family. The Davis's decided to not know the gender of the baby until he was born, so when they walked into his new nursery after a few long, stressful, emotional days, brought smiles and relief to everyone!

Via Kirsten Davis's Instagram

As Kristen put it, it's the "perfect room for the precious little cowboy." and we couldn't agree more. The dark beige walls give a warm natural feel, and the cream colored furniture provides the perfect contrast between the dark neutrals of the room. Oh and let's not forget, no cowboy is a true cowboy without his hat. The hats used as accessories to the room just add the perfect western touch!

Via Kirsten Davis's Instagram

We are so happy that Elijah, and his mom, are happy and healthy, and that the family has added an extra member! Recently the proud mama also took to social media to celebrate one month with the new little Davis!

We are so excited for this country music family!


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