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HARDY Opens Up on Apple Music Country: New Album 'Quit!!', His Harrowing Bus Crash, and Finding Love

Country music sensation HARDY recently sat down with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music Country's Today’s Country Radio, offering an intimate look into his life and career. The conversation spanned his latest album ‘Quit!!’, the aftermath of a life-changing tour bus accident, and the deeply personal love song inspired by his wife.

A Near-Fatal Bus Crash and Its Aftermath

HARDY’s visit to the studio came full circle as he recounted a chilling moment from his last appearance. “The last time I was here, I had just left when my doctor called to tell me my back was broken,” HARDY shared, his voice tinged with the gravity of the situation. “I had been in a lot of pain since the bus accident but hadn’t gone back to the doctor until then. When I found out I had a fractured vertebra, it was a surreal moment.”

The accident in October 2022, just three weeks before his wedding, left a significant mark on HARDY, not only physically but emotionally. “My wife was on her bachelorette party when it happened,” he recounted. “I was bleeding and in shock, but I called her and just told her I loved her. It was a stark reminder of how fragile life is.”

From Heartbreak to Heartfelt: Writing “SIX FEET UNDER (Caleigh’s Song)”

Out of this traumatic experience came a beautiful creation. HARDY’s first genuine love song, “SIX FEET UNDER (Caleigh’s Song),” is a poignant reflection of the tumultuous journey from his darkest moment to his brightest. “It’s about that emotional roller coaster,” he explained. “Going from the worst moment of my life to the best—the moment we exchanged vows. The song captures that transition, that fragility, and the profundity of love.”

The Drive to Nashville and the Making of a Songwriter

HARDY’s path to Nashville was paved by the unwavering support of friends who saw his potential long before he did. “I had written just two songs when my friends encouraged me to move to Nashville,” he said. “If they hadn’t believed in me, I might still be cutting grass in Mississippi. Their faith in my talent was the push I needed.”

This drive to stand out has been a constant in HARDY’s life. Despite not being a stellar student, he always aimed to excel in writing. “From as early as second grade, I wanted to do something different with my writing,” he revealed. “I wasn’t the best at academics, but writing was where I shined, and I always wanted to be unique.”

Embracing the Haters

In his chat with Bannen, HARDY also touched on the unlikely upside of having detractors. “Haters can be a good thing,” he mused. “They keep you grounded and motivated. If everyone loves what you’re doing, you’re probably not pushing boundaries. It’s the criticism that fuels growth and innovation.”

A New Chapter with 'Quit!!'

HARDY’s new album, ‘Quit!!’, is a testament to his resilience and creativity. It’s an exploration of his experiences, his trials, and his triumphs. The album, much like his journey, is raw, honest, and unapologetically unique.

As HARDY continues to rise in the country music scene, his story serves as an inspiration. From near-fatal accidents to life-affirming love, from small-town beginnings to Nashville success, HARDY’s journey is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of music and the unyielding spirit of a true artist.


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