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Jaylee Gandy Releases Heartfelt Music Video for "Down the Road"

Jaylee Gandy’s music video for “Down the Road” is giving us all the feels we didn’t know we needed!

This past school year, Jaylee Gandy honored her high school years by releasing her sophomore song “Down the Road.” Her new music video is now available to watch on YouTube and stream on listening platforms.

You cannot help but feel a sense of nostalgia as she expresses her gratitude for her school years and says “All I know is I’ll never say goodbye/ I’ll just tell you that I’ll see you down the road.”

Throughout the video, she reminisces by walking through her past… down the halls, across the football field, and side by side with her friends. The lyrics perfectly accompany Gandy as she walks to receive her diploma, ending her career at Idalou High School.

We cannot wait to see what new chapter the born and raised Lubbock, Texas singer will pursue next!


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