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JD Shelburne Releases Brand New Album "Neon Hallelujah"

Can we get a halleluiah? Because this album has us saying amen!

Neon Hallelujah. is an album that is about the good and the bad that life brings. This 14-track album takes us through the stories and experiences from a small-town country boy. Wherever Shelburne goes, he never forgets about where he came from, and that reflects in his music. He is kind, humble, and passionate about his music.

J.D's journey started in Taylorsville, Kentucky, to making it to the top 10 charts of iTunes country music, to being on CMT, and opening for some of country's finest like Miranda Lambert, ZZ Top, and Marty Stuart. Now, this small-town boy is soaring to new heights with the release of his new album.

In a press release J.D stated, “Just when I think it’s impossible to outdo my last project, I realize that I and my studio team and co-writers have done just that. I’m so proud of these new songs.” He also stated, “‘Neon Hallelujah’ is my life in music. Every line, every image, is like a photo of a special moment in my memory bank—the rusty truck, the corner store, everything here is really how I grew up. I knew fans would relate to it.”

He couldn't be more right, because his songs transport us right to the small-town where he grew up. In his song "Neon Halleluiah" he sings about his love for his roots. While his small town might not look like much, he sees heaven in the old trucks and corner stores that line his favorite place. His hometown is like rain on a tin roof, a boat out on the lake, and his favorite prayer to pray. He will always have a special place in his heart for the place and the people he came from.

With his love for his hometown, he takes us back in time to the good old days of high school. In his song "Retire That Jersey" J.D sings about Friday night lights and going a little too far with a girl in a rusted red Cheroke. He sings about graduating from the glory days of High School, retiring the old jersey, and having to take on the responsibility of being a dad. He sings about the things that have to make a boy grow up fast, and the emotions that come with growing up.

With all the emotions that come with growing up, J.D sings to his younger self in his song "Scared Boy." In this song J.D really puts his heart on his sleeve. He tell a tale of time, and how it won't wait around, so we have to grab ahold of every opportunity. Even though it might be scary, he says to put down the tough guy act and tell the girl you love her. In this song, he is encouraging, inspiring, and sings straight from the heart.

"I am so proud of my new album Neon Hallelujah. It's my 6th original album and contains the most songs I have ever recorded for one project - 14. I feel like I have finally honed in on my own sound these days, which helps set you apart from the rest. I spent a lot of time recording and testing songs at my live shows, so I really feel like this album has something for everyone - I'm so anxious for the fans to hear it! A lot of sweat and tears went into this project. I am grateful for the support of so many throughout - one of my most proud accomplishments being getting to record with The Oak Ridge Boys on this project. It's a career highlight to have their voices on my album," JD tells All Country News.

This album really is one for the books. The sound, lyrics, and the heart in this album can't compare to anything else. This is a breakthrough album for J.D's career, with chart-topping songs that fans can relate to and enjoy!

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