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John Morgan Creates Some Music City Magic In Debut EP "Remember Us?"

One of Nashville's most prolific songwriters drives deep into his sad boy country era in dynamic debut EP.

Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

With a North Carolina drawl and a refreshing point of view, today John Morgan gifts fans an EP full of nostalgia in Remember Us? Known for his zestful lyrics and tantalizing tales, John once again proves why he is one of the best that Music City has to offer.

"I've gotten back to writing with my go to guys," John told All Country News. "There is always a group of guys that you end up writing with at a certain time and always get good stuff with them.

Building on his impressive momentum and the "good stuff" from the writers room Won't Be As Good sets the tone for the project. Teaming up with frequent collaborators Will Bundy, Rodney Clawson and Justin Wilson, the track is an ear worm. Through bright riffs and Morgan's smooth twang the upbeat track relishes in the fact that while he loves doing country boy activities it won't be nearly as fun without a hand to hold.

The title track Remember Us proves that John's stories are dynamic just as they are universal. The song that John says "kept rising to the top," features a voice as smoky as the mountains he grew up in. John takes listeners down a heartbroken memory lane, and a lover yearning for the "could of been," back in the bench seat of a truck. Grappling with goodbye, John's ability to take a staple Music Row theme and make it fresh showcases not only his artistry but thoughtfulness. Lets not forget the track also got a green light from John's friend and mentor Jason Aldean.

"Everyone I played the track for was stoked about it, and that included Aldean. There are a few options that I value pretty highly. He has a pretty good track record," John laughs.

John's perviously releases bonfire barn burner also makes a welcomed appearance on the EP. Clearly its upbeat melody and friend forward lyrics has also struck a chord with fans. The party starter track Friends Like That has earned over 12.5M on-demand streams and is racking in over 832k per week!

Skilled with a pen and feverishly dynamic, John teams up with Ben Hayslip and producer Will Bundy to paint a painfully relatable picture of the dreary days that follow a heartache, despite the record setting highs outside in the previously released Cold Summer In San Antone. The even tempo track puts the North Carolina native's range on full display, and who doesn't love the hum of a pedal steel. While staying steadfast to his love of real stories for real people, Morgan once again adds a dash of depth to his already impressive discography.

Perhaps the most spirited track off the project is the haunting It Ain't The Leavin'. A perfect marriage between country and rock sensibilities the hard hitting track breaks through the noise. Narrating the acute feeling of the grief we feel when we realize that a love as pulled out of the drive one last time. Grappling with the loss, John relishes in the fact that the goodbye is forever. The track showcases his blue collar toughness and universal appeal.

Rounding out the project is the introspective Ain't Been There Yet. A JM song at heart, John admits, the track is sonicly different than what he has offered up perviously, but it also marks a milestone, John's first write with icon David Lee Murphy. The yin and yang in the room was so good, John a seasoned songwriter told All Country News, it was the first time he had walked out of the writer's room and immediately put a song on hold.

The clever track tales the man desperate to outrun old memories. John eagerly searches for a place he can find some solace. Westling with the overwhelming feeling of heartache, Morgan pleads with his mind to give him some rest. Oozing with ubiquitous connectivity bright guitars and a steady beat, the track rounds out one of the best offerings of 2023.

Remember Us? stamps John's entry into the ones to watch club. Flexing his innate ability to find acute moments of every day life and make them extraordinary and honing in on stories that connect us all, makes John one of today’s most innovative tunesmiths. Remember Us? is an EP you simply won't want to turn off.


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