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Johnny Gates Grapples With The Unknown In Latest Single " I Don’t Know."

The country riser asks the question that sometimes we are too scared to ask ourselves, what if it does not go as planned.

Country music is truly the people's music. Wriping headlines from life's most intimate moments and thoughts, Johnny dives into our inner most thoughts in his latest offering. Explring the ponderings we often find ourselves in Johnny explores the winding road that is our inner most feelings. Finding solace in the fact that he isnt the only one with this wiry train of thought, Gates connects.


Seamlessly blending a vivid storyline with a more indie feel, Gates, who grew up in punk bands, sets his goals high. Aiming to bring together the indie scene of Nashville's historic East Nashville neighborhood, Johnny is leading the charge to showcase that no matter where in Music City you are, the creativity flows.

"I Don’t Know is a song I wrote, about asking myself, “what if it all doesn’t work out?”  As an artist, who has truly tried to commit my life to many different genres of music, in today’s landscape of going viral and fitting in, it personally feels like it’s never been harder to remain authentic, and this song, is just me, trying to remain present, and ponder the question," Gates tells All Country News. "There isn’t a doubt in my mind that it will all work out, however it’s supposed to, but every now and then, the voice in my head asks the question haha, and my response to that, is this song. I wrote it by myself and it’s produced by the very talented Tim Bruns."

All to often stories of the common fan are deafened in the genre. Yet through vivid storytelling and his innate ability to tap in to the feelings of the everyday person.  Flexing his innate ability to find acute moments of every day life and make them extraordinary and honing in on stories that connect us all.


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