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Jordan James Embraces Humanity Through "Just Like Us"

We’ve found the best song to crank at your bonfire gathering this fall season! Check out Jordan James’ new country version and remix “Just Like Us.”

Country music touches the very core of our beings, resonating with our emotions and experiences. "Just Like Us" is a prime example of such a song. Its heartfelt lyrics weave a narrative that speaks to the universal threads of acceptance and having a good time.

“It’s just like us to run this town

We don’t wait til’ the sun goes down

To make it crank, to stop the pain

And if you can’t get enough

Then raise your cup and turn it up

‘Cause you’re just like us”

In a world often divided by differences, the song's message of enjoyment uniting us more than dividing us challenges this notion. By highlighting the common joy we have with family or friends, the song bridges the gap between cultures and backgrounds, inviting us to acknowledge the collective human experience.

Jordan James shared, “As I’ve played shows around the country I’m reminded we are all more alike than we are different. The “Just Like Us” release and EDM remix bring my country and non-country fans together for a good time.”

In an era where division can dominate headlines, "Just Like Us" serves as a timely harmonious reminder to look beyond the superficial and extend understanding to one another. James’ song truly conveys that we are all just like us – individuals navigating the journey of life together.


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