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Josh Abbott Band Honors Their Roots While Charging Ahead In Latest Masterpiece "Somewhere Down The Road"

Humble yet innovative, the dynamic group once again proves that the story wins in their latest project Somewhere Down The Road.

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Full of universal appeal and the vivid stories the band is known for, the latest project is full of emotional twists and turns and simply can't be turned off. An homage to their growth and all the pain that comes with it, Somewhere Down The Road honors their sonic diversity and Texas grit. The track makes home to previously released Barstool Boys and She'll Always Be, JAB continue their tradition of reflecting on authentic day-to-day experiences, while celebrating the simple joys of life.

Steadfast more than every in creating music people, Josh admits that his mindset had a well needed shift coming into the new project. “For a long time I wanted to write hooky three-minute songs that would sound good on the radio, but now I’m writing from the heart more than I ever have,” and it shows. Digging deep into everyday moments, Josh and the guys seem to amplify stories and make them connect on a deeper level."

Sonically provocative, and full of fiddle, the album bears its teeth from the first note with Astronaut. The high octane song tales the tale of a blue collar worker ready for more. JAB spreads their creative wings while still staying true to the fans who have gotten them where they are. "Sometimes I wish I was an astronaut/Instead of workin’ this bullshit concrete job...Sick of sweatin’ in the summer heat/Just to buy cheap beer and gasoline," Josh sings as a steady beat backs his tone, adding to the ubiquitous feeling. Digging deeper in the psyche of a struggling soul who finds himself in the same old places feeling the same old feelings, the song connects.

The previously released barn burner What Were You thinking also finds a happy home amongst the new tracks. Josh's sweet country tenor narrates the story of a restless heart finding a home. Letting go of the idea that love may never come is way and trading in his demons for a better life, the painfully relatable track strikes a chord. Highlighted by picturesque lyricism, brilliant melodies, and a poignant fiddle solo, JAB's ability to evoke such emotion in just over three minutes speaks to the artistry of the group. A true love story for a lost soul, the adds depth to the band's already impressive discography. 

The title track finds itself in the middle of the project. Full of emotion, the groovy and ominous track seems to be ripped straight from a mind of a troubled artist, grappling with growth and the often two faces the music business bares. A true personification of clinging to those who support your goals, the title track serves as a mission statement for the decorated veterans. Graced with a scorching duo-guitar solo from both Farrow & Richardson, the result is a gritty and glorious look at meeting life on its own terms.

“In a way, we sequenced this record the exact opposite of how we’d usually do it,” Abbott says. “Instead of starting with the upbeat, lighthearted songs, we opened with some of the more experimental tracks, then moved into the ballads, and ended the album with the usually upbeat burners that typically would start an album of ours. This feels like a whole new chapter for our band, so it made sense to present it in a completely different way.”

Moments of genius weave in and out of each song. Perhaps that is the magic of the album. In a matter of twelve tracks, the band touches on simple moments and manages to make them for everyone. Steadfast in creating stories that fans can attach themselves to, Somewhere Down The Road makes country music fans feel heard. Highlighted through powerful lyricism and brilliant melodies, the band has found their creative North Star. Allowing fans to get lost in your artistry is something this genre so desperately needs, and damn does Josh Abbot Band deliver.


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