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Josiah and the Bonnevilles Shares The Real Life Story Of Being Banded From United Airlines In Cheeky New Song "Lithuania"

Fans have been waiting for this track since it was first teased in 2023.

CreditL Dan Winters

Leave it to the feverishly talented Joisah Lemming of Josiah and the Bonnevilles to write an intoxicating story of getting kicked off a plane. Known for his vivid storytelling and unique tone, the breakout star strikes again with the cheeky "Lithuania."

Since it was first teased back in December 2023, fans have been begging the creative storyteller to bear all. The track now finds a welcomed home on his Endurance (Deluxe) album, out today. 

Inspired by true events on trying to get to his brother's oversees wedding, the acoustic narrates the wild story of being banned from flying on United Airlines while trying to get there. Josiah weaves fans in and out of the antics that got him to that point, making the song a thoroughly engaging listen. Needing to always have a drink in hand before he flies, Josiah admits in the folk filled track that by the time his passport got stamped, he was less than the best man.

The cheeky song will make you smile, laugh, and appreciate that Josiah can take the most ordinary moments and turn them into an intoxicating narrative.

Growing up, Josiah drew inspiration from classic country and religious music. To this day, he’s particularly drawn to sad and dramatic songs, with “What If I Stumble” by DC Talk and “Little Rock” by Collin Raye standing out to him. Describing himself as a “wandering heart,” Josiah breaks out of his comfort zone and sheltered upbringing with his craft. This fearless soul is unafraid to immerse himself in new experiences, discovering more about himself in the process. “I’m almost like the monkey that gets sent into outer space, because I went so hard at everything, that I’ve like tested the outer limits of what a human being can withstand,” Josiah previously told All Country News. We could all use a little bit of his bold, adventurous spirit!

Perhaps the magic in this song is that Josiah is unafraid of sharing what the genre is to him. Through story and sound, the rising talent solidifies himself as one of the biggest acts to watch in 2024. Steadfast in creating stories that fans can attach themselves to, Josiah and the Bonnevilles once again proves that a good story always wins. 


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