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JUST IN: Morgan Wallen Speaks Out About Recent Nashville Arrest. 'I'm Not Proud of My Behavior and I Accept Responsibility.'

The superstar has broken his silence via X.

Matt Paskert and Nashville Metro Police

In a recent turn of events, Morgan Wallen has finally broken his silence regarding his latest encounter with the law. The incident, which occurred on April 7th, saw Wallen allegedly involved in throwing a chair off the rooftop of Chief's, the new Nashville bar owned by fellow artist Eric Church.

The unfolding of events, as reported by Nashville's News Channel 5, paints a concerning picture. Witnesses, including the bar staff, identified Wallen as the individual responsible for hurling the chair from the sixth-story height. The gravity of the situation escalated as the chair narrowly missed bystanders and law enforcement officers on the ground below. Subsequent scrutiny of security footage corroborated the eyewitness accounts, solidifying Wallen's involvement.

According to the report obtained by Scoop, Wallen was arrested on three counts of assault with a deadly weapon/reckless endangerment, two counts for the two officers who were in the vicinity and one for the danger to the public. Wallen was also charged with disorderly conduct with a bond was set at $15,250.

Amidst the media frenzy and public speculation surrounding his silence and possible jail time and missed shows, Wallen took to X to address the incident directly. In a statement that reverberated across social media channels, Wallen conveyed remorse and a willingness to accept accountability for his actions.

"I'm not proud of my behavior, and I accept responsibility," Wallen stated succinctly, acknowledging the gravity of the situation and the impact of his actions on those involved.

As the public absorbs Wallen's candid acknowledgment of his actions, there remains a palpable anticipation regarding the future trajectory of his career. Despite the turbulence of recent events, there are indications that Wallen's commitments, including his upcoming tour, will proceed as planned.


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