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Justin Champagne Reflects On Fatherhood In Powerful New Track "Without A Dad"

Music is healing, and no one knows that better than country riser and new dad Justin Champagne.

This genre bender isnt afraid to be a little left of center but is using his platform to connect with a whole new brand of country fan with his powerful tribute to his son Without A Dad.

The touching track serves as a promise to Justin's young son. Justin’s own father passed away when he was just six years old, leaving his mother to juggle multiple jobs to help provide for the family. The loss of his father, who was an amateur musician, shaped Justin's own approach to music and was determined to chase down the creative milestones that would have made his dad proud.

"I had to slow down," Justin told All Country News. "My career was taking off but I knew I had to be there for him. I didn't want him to grow up like I did without a dad.

I was on a search for love and then I found it.

Seven pounds and seven ounces.

I never knew what love was until I met you.

Aiming to be more emotional and raw with his fans, Justin's delicate approach the topic is connecting with fans all over the world! With hundreds of thousands of views and heartfelt messages and comments from fans, Justin clearly is pulling and the heartstrings of millions.

"I am not just living for myself now. Every decision I make revolves around him. I am still spontaneous, but in the back of my mind I have to think about how this will affect him."

The stunning and heartwarming music video documents the push and pull Justin feels as he navigates fatherhood and a blossoming music career! Full of home movies and moments on stage, the video is the perfect accompaniment to the new song.

The tender track will be a career definer for Justin. Showing off the Louisiana native's softer side offers a peek into the day to day of the rising star. Without A Dad allows Justin to heal right along with his fans and garner new ones along the way! Isn't that what the power of country music is all about?


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