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Kameron Marlowe Drops Exciting Details About Upcoming Sophomore Album And Gifts Title Track "Keepin’ The Lights On"

One of country music's most dynamic voices Kameron Marlowe is back with new music and a new album on the horizon.

Photo credit: Trea Allen

Kannapolis, North Carolina native Kameron Marlowe as a superpower. The prolific tune smith, finds everyday moments and makes them extraordinary in just a matter of minutes. Staying true to those roots, today the crooner announces his sophomore album Keepin' The Lights On, which he promises will offer snapshots into his life and offer introspective narratives for his fans to get lost in. Enlisting Music Row veterans including Kendell Marvel, Michael Hardy and Wyatt McCubbin, and produced by Dann Huff, May 31st can't come soon enough!

A true artist for the people, Kameron knew we couldn't wait long and gifted us the title track introducing us to the flavor of the album. Promising to reflect on real life moments and all the idiosyncrasies that weave in and out.

Steadfast to those values the title track Keepin' The Lights On, solidifies Marlowe's superstar power and mass appeal. Taking each note, lyric and vibrato into consideration the track takes Kameron to new heights. Full of universal introspection, Marlowe brings fans in to the blue collar tale of being happy with what you have. Always tapping into what his fans truly need to hear, Kameron injects his own story into the acoustic track securing his spot as the fan's artist. Throughout the song, Kameron showcases his superstar power and his talent of delivering songs in the most authentic of ways.

The born hitmaker proudly stands on the foundation of country music then takes it to new heights!

“I feel like I discovered a lot about myself while making this record,” shares Marlowe in a press statement. “I got to reflect on a lot of life from when I was a kid to life today. This album explores everything from loss to love, depression to joy, and overcoming the voices in your head telling you you're not good enough. I found myself looking at life through a different lens throughout the process. The namesake of the album, 'Keepin' The Lights On' came from a conversation with my dad over the holidays about how he's always thanking the man upstairs for keeping it all together, especially when times get tough. For me, this record is a reminder of hard work, dedication and keeping the promises that we make. It's still crazy to me that people are listening to a small town boy from Kannapolis, N.C., but here I am releasing my second album. I can't wait for y'all to hear it.” 

A true country Renaissance man, Kameron says that each of the 16 tracks in the upcoming album with showcase his love for the genre in all forms. From heartbreaking ballads to classic country barn burners, fans will be able to find themselves in the new project!

Leading the charge in shaping the next generation of country music, Kameron Marlowe is nothing short of a megastar.


1. “911” (Wyatt McCubbin/John Pierce/Micah Wilshire)

2. “Nothin' Slowin' Us Down” (Kameron Marlowe/Mitchell Tenpenny/Rob Williford/Dallas Wilson)

3. “On My Way Out” (Michael Hardy/Ben Johnson/Hunter Phelps/Taylor Phillips/Bobby Pinson)

4. “Never Really Know” (Kameron Marlowe/James McNair)

5. “Tennessee Don't Mind” (Charles Kelley/Daniel Tashian)

6. “Leaning On You” (Kameron Marlowe/Erik Dylan/Wyatt McCubbin/Taylor Phillips)

7. “I Can Run” (Tucker Beathard/Oscar Charles Gnaedig/Ben Roberts)

8. “High Hopes” (Josh Osborne/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi)

9. “One That I Don't Call” (Wyatt McCubbin/James McNair/John Pierce)

10. “Lock Me Up” (Ben Johnson/Jordan Minton/Hunter Phelps/Taylor Phillips)

11.  “Will It Be There in the Morning” (Kameron Marlowe/Mitchell Tenpenny/Dallas Wilson)

12. “Quit You” (Kameron Marlowe/James McNair/John Pierce)

13. “Smaller” (Erik Dylan/Wyatt McCubbin)

14. “Strangers (with Ella Langley)” (Kameron Marlowe/Ella Langley/Will Bundy/Chase McGill)

15. “Broke Down in a Truck” (Taylor Baynum/Nathan Justis/Dave Michael/Colby Williford)

16. “Keepin' the Lights On” (Kameron Marlowe/Kendell Marvel/Phil O'Donnell)


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