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Kameron Marlowe Teams Up With Ella Langley For The Most Magical Duet In Recent Years In "Strangers"

Get ready for your jaw to hit the floor!

Credit Caylee Robillard

When two of country music's most dynamic new talents team up, you know you have our attention. Today, born hitmaker Kameron Marlowe teams up with CMT Next Woman honoree Ella Langley for the best duet we have seen in this decade.

First teased on Marlowe's social media, the soulful ballad resonated with fans. Dripping with personality, Marlowe narrates the inevitable and painful conservation that comes when love burns out. Perfectly personifying the grips that the back and forth of grappling with love lost can bring, Kameron and Ella's harmonies lift the tension higher.

Coming to the haunting realization that maintaining a friendship after romance may we more painful than its worth. Between Kameron's rich country vocals and Langley's passionate tone, it is hard not to feel the emotion oozing from each note.

We can’t be friends

We can’t be lovers

We can’t be weekend drinking leaning on each another

We can’t be falling off the wagon

Talking ‘bout what happened

Where does that leave you and me

There’s too much love

There’s too much anger

We can’t be friends

And we can’t be strangers

We can’t be strangers

No strangers

'Strangers' is about a toxic relationship with the battle of breaking up or staying together,” shares Marlowe. “This couple is so twisted in their everyday lives that they know they will fall back into the trap if they see each other out on the town. I love how this song builds. I feel like you can really feel the energy." 


“We wrote 'Strangers' about a relationship that feels impossible to escape,” adds Langley. “Damned if you stay, damned if you leave. A good ole fashioned 'catch 22.' What do you do when you can't stay lovers because it hurts too much, or friends, because it hurts too much? The only thing left to do is to leave the relationship in the memories and walk away. But even that seems like it'd end with the same result – heartbreak.”

Full of universal introspection, the track penned by Marlowe, alongside Chase McGill, Will Bundy and Ella Langley proves while the two young superstars are leading the charge in shaping the next generation of country music. .If you are not a country music fan after this song, then maybe listen to it again.


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