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Karissa Ella Pens New Song "White Dress Worthy" With Her Favorite Co-Writer, Her Mom

It really does not get more authentic then writing a song with your mom.

Today, rising country songstress kicked off her new slew of music with the deeply personal song White Dress Worthy. The song is the first track off her upcoming EP It’s Personal, set to be released on June 23. “White Dress Worthy” follows the March release of Ella’s energetic anthem “Well Tequila,” and both tracks will be included on the upcoming EP.

"I feel like I am in that weird stage of wife," Karissa told All Country News. "I was hanging out in Nashville and talking to my mom about how many weddings I have this year. I guess I'm at that stage of life now where everyone's getting married, buying houses and having babies."

The song serves as a stunning reminder that you shouldn't fall victim to society's norms, of getting married too soon or too young.

Don’t let your heart get fooled/By good looks and talking smooth/ Never take a chance on maybe /He’s gotta lift you up like Swayze/ If he makes you feel something blue /Hold out for someone who’s....white dress worthy/

Karissa's smooth southern twang is the perfect carrier for this personal tune. Plus, the edition of the raw production allows listens to get lost in the lyrically vidid tune.

"Writing with my mom is so special. For this song she was the best person to write with because she knows me so well. She's my best friend, but she's so much more than just a mom. It just made sense to write it with my mom because it's an advice song and she's my go-to person for advice."

From start to finish, the song represents everything that a woman in country should be about, strong, personal and unapologetic. If Withe Dress Worthy is any indication of what the EP looks like, then we simply can not wait for June 23rd.


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