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Karley Scott Collins Is Hooked On Feeling In Her Gritty New Single Brain On Love

We have all been there. We meet someone and from the start our hearts and brains can't seem to shake them.

Country tunesmith and songstress on the rise Karley Scott Collins perfectly describes when an infatuation overwhelms your mind in her newest single Brain On Love out today.

The timeless tail of instant attraction allows Karley to shine in the best way possible, with her lyrics. From the jump Karley paints a cautionary tale of what happens when that person walks into your life, and becomes a different kind of addiction. Backed by a haunting acoustic guitar and whiskey soaked vocals, Karley invites listeners to step directly into her struggle.

All strung out / and all hung up / thats your brain on love

“I got the idea for this song after reading an article about how scientists had proven that the chemical reactions your brain has when you're falling in love are virtually identical to the ones people have on drugs,” shares Collins about the song's inspiration. “Being in love completely rewires your brain to the point where everything reminds you of that person and it's all you can think about. It keeps you up at night, you can't eat, all you wanna do is see that person again. We had a lot of fun writing this one. I love the colorful imagery and the rock edge this song has," Karley said in a press release.

Written by Karley, Summer Overstreet, Cameron Bartolini and Liam Kevany with production by Dan Huff, the moody love song delves into the powerful grip of infatuation. Not to mention we love a killer guitar solo.

In a genre that often confines women to cutesy ideals and themes, Karley Scott Collins is breaking all rules and allowing her homegrown creativity to truly shine. Brain On Love is a career defining song, and we can't get enough.


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