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Karley Scott Collins Takes Us On A Journey Of Heartache In New EP "Hands On The Wheel"

If you haven't added to Karley Scott Collins to your playlist yet, take this as your sign. When Karley moved to Nashville from her hometown of Lake City, Florida, she arrived armed with her words and a big batch of authenticity. The born hitmaker is not holding back on her new EP Hands On The Wheel. Armed with her unique approach to storytelling and a tone that can only be described as magnetic, the superstar in the making gives fans a taste of what sticking to your guns can look like.

From the first note, the EP feels special. Kicking off with the title tack, Karley personifies all the twists and turns of getting over a past lover. She perfectly embodies the overthinking, the struggle and loss all in a span of three minutes and twenty one seconds.

The previously released banger Brain On Love also helps to continue the narrative woven in the five song EP. "Brain On Love is one of my favorite songs that I've ever done," Karley told All Country News. "I got to record it with Dan Huff, and it has a little more of a rock edge," she continues. The moody love song delves into the powerful grip of infatuation. Not to mention we love a killer guitar solo.

The standout of the project has to be Favorite Perfume. The soulful tune tells a tale that we can all relate to in such an innovate way, it is easy to get sucked right into the lyrics. "The song was written a few years ago. I had went through a breakup and I was kind of equating that feeling to what I was feeling at that moment. This person has left my life, left the room, but they're still here, just like perfume," Karley told us. Karley's superpower truly lies in the songs and stories she can tell. Her ability to take such an intimate memory and allow others to connect with it is truly the core of country music.

Backed by a melodic guitar, Loose Thread is a tear jerker. The emotive track oozes with relatability. Yet Karley is able to take this well loved theme and completely spin it on its head. The song captures the anxiety and pain of seeing your ex and "walking out the back door anytime I see you." The fact that she equates coming unraveled to a loose thread is mind-blowing and shows her sheer power with words.

Rounding out the EP is the reaffirming anthem Heavenly. After four songs of of love lost Karley celebrates her "demons wanting a halo," thanks to the right one coming along. If you close your eyes, you may even think a country music Amy Winehouse has been born. Heavenly is a masterclass is female power writing and creative lyricism.

Always going with her gut and even having a hand in producing, Karley Scott Collins is a generational talent whose perspective is truly one to be in awe of. From first to last note Hands On The Wheel pulls you in and spits you out, yet makes you reflect on your own crazy love life. This EP will make you a Karley fan for life.


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