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Kelsey Hickman Compares Lust To Addiction In Punk-Inspired New Single "Novocaine"

Here's a thought experiment for y'all - what if Avril Lavigne or Paramore switched to country music? Insane, right? Well, that scenario essentially comes to life in Kelsey Hickman's edgy new single, "Novocaine." The rising star has somehow found the perfect middle ground between punk and country, creating something truly special and unique.

"Novocaine" showcases Hickman's powerful belt against bold electric guitars. Her smooth, mesmerizing delivery of the sultry lyrics portrays lust as an addiction, taking it a step above most country songs about crushes. A song that breaks genre barriers, it will truly help Hickman attract a fanbase from all across the spectrum.

"When I first heard the word novocaine... I was like, "damn." If I liked the way that word hit me rolling off my tongue, I can’t imagine singing it," explained Hickman in a recent press release. "I was lucky enough to have my producer, Don Miggs, on the project. He really knew how to light this song up — a slow burn, if you will.”

Much like the song's subject did to Hickman, the melody and production will suck you in strongly, whether you want it or not. Over here at All Country News, we feel as though we physically can't take it off repeat. So yeah, consider yourself warned!

From writing songs in her bedroom as a preteen - inspired by real-life experiences, such as her parents' divorce - to performing in prominent venues around Nashville, Hickman's star continues to rise. Her authenticity and willingness to explore new territory are two aspects that truly set her apart. We can't wait to see where she goes from here, and are proud to call ourselves day one fans!


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