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Kim Brogli's "What A Waste" A Powerful Message About Addiction and Healing

Country singer-songwriter Kim Brogli's new single, "What A Waste" released on October 13th, is a powerful anthem that delves into the destructive force of addiction. Written in collaboration with award-winning songwriter James Dean Hicks, the song carries a potent message, encouraging listeners to reevaluate damaging patterns that hurt not only themselves but also the ones they love.

As addiction and mental health-related issues have surged since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, "What A Waste" acts as a beacon, urging those who need support to seek help. Through heartfelt lyrics and evocative storytelling, the song touches upon the deep wounds caused by loved ones' addictions who refuse to seek help, as well as the struggle of individuals who continue their own suffering through anger and bitterness, harming those they care about.

"I wrote 'What A Waste' with hit songwriter, James Dean Hicks," Kim Brogli explains. "We wrote it with compassion but also direct enough to speak the truth. We hoped it would inspire those who are ready to change to seek help because life is too short."

Kim Brogli's music video for "What A Waste" further amplifies the emotional impact of the song. The video portrays the struggles of alcohol abuse, with scenes showing her character drinking vodka while her daughter waits at school. The heartbreaking narrative unfolds as the father arrives to pick up the daughter, finding the mother passed out with the bottle nearby. The emotional intensity is palpable as the young girl runs to her room in tears. In a pivotal moment, the father disposes of the bottle, symbolizing a crucial turning point in the family's life.

The video ultimately portrays a path to healing and recovery. It shows the mother and daughter rebuilding their relationship, reflecting the idea that recovery is possible, even after moments of darkness and despair. In the final scenes, the mother is seen as a therapist, providing support and comfort to other women in physically and emotionally abusive relationships. This transformation underlines the theme of resilience and the possibility of helping others overcome similar challenges.

Kim Brogli's "What A Waste" is not just a song, it's a message of hope, healing, and the power of transformation. It encourages individuals to confront their struggles and seek help while offering a compassionate perspective on the pain caused by addiction. This emotionally charged song, coupled with its impactful music video, is a testament to the artist's commitment to sharing stories that resonate with audiences and inspire change.


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