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Kolby Cooper's High Octane New Single "Kill Me" Ushers In A New Era For The Texas Riser

Lets get one thing straight, Kolby Cooper will always bring the heat. His newest single Kill Me continues that mindset that being a little left of center can in fact bring fans together.

Today the Texas native sets the summer ablaze with his rocking southern grit with just the right amount of creative chaos. From the jump the guitar laden track captured listeners ears and gets hearts racing. Then bam, Cooper's silky tone makes the song a career definer for the Texas rebel.

"This is the sound I have been chasing since I was 18," Cooper tells All Country News. "It is really the pinnacle of what I have been trying to do the past couple of years!"

In a genre that is often rinse and repeat and love songs can become mundane, Kolby Cooper says "hold my beer." The barn burner of a track captures the feeling of when your only vice is the chaos of your lover. Cooper then swirls his voice into the myriad of emotions that are experienced when your burning desire to be with your lover becomes too much. With vehement lyrics as fiery as love story Kolby sings about it is hard not to bob your head along with the flaming instrumentals.

"Theres a wildfire on top of this hill, I don't know why I'm climbing still," Cooper sings with a feverish craving undertone. Produced by Kolby's good friend and collaborator Andrew Bayless, the track became a must release for Cooper and adds a layer of maturity to the Texan's discography.

"I still think it is my favorite song we have. For lack of better words it was just magical in there. I get so hyped every time I hear it. It feels like a really good marriage of what we had with an extra layer on top."

Unafraid and unconventional Kolby Cooper is country music's newest rocker. With no lack of lyrical ingenuity with a dash of no bs baddass, Cooper's new area is a welcomed new sound with stories we can all place ourselves in. However, it is his innate ability to know all the right ways to utilize his vocals and convey the vivid emotions that make the hair on your neck stand up. His transparent honesty and steadfast sense of self, Kolby Cooper will be at a stadium near you in no time.


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