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Lainey Wilson's Electrifying Performance with Special Guest Jelly Roll

The icon duo has struck again!

Nashville's Municipal Auditorium was transformed into a hub of country music magic as Lainey Wilson took to the stage as the opening act for HARDY's highly-anticipated concert. The evening, filled with toe-tapping melodies and heartwarming moments, reached its pinnacle when Lainey invited special guest Jelly Roll to join her on stage.

Before the musical collaboration began, Lainey Wilson took a moment to share her admiration for the guest star, exclaiming, "I'm such a fan of this man off and on the stage. Give it up for my friend with the biggest heart of somebody you will ever meet, my boy Jelly Roll!" The audience erupted with applause, echoing the sentiment shared by many fans of these talented artists.

As the two artists took center stage, the excitement in the room was striking. They launched into a powerful rendition of their hit song “Save Me,” a remix release from earlier this year. The fusion of Lainey Wilson's authentic country voice and Jelly Roll's raw, emotional energy made for a memorable performance that had the crowd on their feet.

This week, Jelly Roll took to social media to express his gratitude and joy about their collaboration. In a heartfelt post, he shared, "Lainey today we celebrate our song being in the top 10 of country radio. I could not have picked a better person to reimagine this song with. I always knew that 'Save Me' helped people, BUT I always knew there were so many people in the world that had not heard it yet but needed to hear it because it could help so many more people. You were the perfect voice for that."

“Save Me” is a poignant song that resonates deeply with its listeners, and the live rendition was no exception. The lyrics conveyed a message of hope and redemption, and the chemistry between Lainey and Jelly Roll only amplified the song's emotional impact. The audience was moved, and it was evident that the performance struck a chord with fans. We can only hope we see these two together again soon!


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