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LISTEN: Emerging Australian Country Singer Songwriter Cholson Unveils New Single "Truck N Boots"

The new track showcases that a relatable country song can come from anywhere in the world.

From a small coastal town in Australia, rising country singer Cholson has had a lifelong love for music. Drawing inspiration from a diverse musical palette ranging from the timeless sounds of Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Tommy Emmanuel and The Beatles – to the more contemporary vibes of Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen and Zach Bryan, Cholson manages to take everyday feelings and turn them into extraordinary stories!

The Aussie's debut single "Truck N Boots" is a longtime coming and represents the emerging star's dream of bringing his story to the masses. Sonically strong, the track resonates with the heart of the genre. Throughout the acoustically driven track, Cholson invites listeners to connect with personal interpretations, making each verse a shared experience.

A love letter to anyone who has sacrificed a normal lifestyle for a dream "Truck N Boots" hits home. The lyrics express the bittersweet experience of missing loved ones, yet persevering for the greater good. An earnest ode to resilience, the song perfectly narratives the emotional journey of balancing career and the ones you hold dear.

“I embarked on crafting a song rooted in my experiences working away from home on extended shifts," Cholson shared on the track. "The lyrics explore the emotional toll of separation from loved ones, shedding light on the sacrifices tied to this lifestyle. This deeply resonates with the Australian FIFO community enduring extended periods away from family. Pouring my heart into the composition, the song authentically captures the essence of missing home, serving as a poignant reflection of the challenges faced by those distanced from their support networks in demanding careers. The sincerity in the lyrics has struck a chord, creating a connection beyond my personal story.”

Country music foundation is built on stories that universally connect, and "Truck N Boots" upholds the tradition. Honing in on his craft and sticking to the stylings he loves, the born hitmaker strikes gold with the breakout track.  With the perfect placement of the lyrics within the tender melody offer a refreshing and softer take on what country is. Steadfast in creating stories that fans can attach themselves to, "Truck N Boots" invites listeners to find what it is about country music that makes them feel special. Allowing fans to get lost in your artistry is something this genre so desperately needs and damn does Cholson deliver.


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