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LISTEN: Emerging Country Artist Matt Freedman Pays Homage To His Wife In The Heartfelt "The Calm And The Storm"

You never know where inspiration may strike, and for Matt Freedman that rings true.

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Singer-songwriter, dad and husband Matt Freedman has always been a story forward kind of artist. The Pennsylvania born artist blends his rock and roll and country stylings highlighted by Matt's whiskey soaked vocal. Inspired by his own love story with his wife, Matt's poignant story of leaning on someone when the ups and downs and life connects.

"I wrote this song about my wife, Lindsey whom I've been together with for roughly 20 years. I was packing up at a show a few months back, and someone had said "just wait for The calm in the storm", referring to how there was a lull in the rain storm, so we should run to our cars so our guitars wouldn't get soaked," Matt told All Country News.

"I thought I had heard the person say "The Calm and the Storm" mistakenly, and instantly wrote that down into my everlong notepad in my phone as a great song title. It instantly made me think about my wife, and how she can be both of those all at the same time. It's a remarkable trait that I had never realized until that moment.. She is intensely passionate about our family, our kids and our life together, and still is the one I seek peace in.  She has the ability to lift me up and support my music career, but also ground me in our family life.. It's incredibly rare that a woman can be both the calm, and the storm.. I'm incredibly lucky to be able to ride this journey called life with her."

In just over three minutes, the country riser manages to capture two decades worth of love. Relishing in all the ups and downs, Matt finds comfort in knowing that his love will always have his back. Known for his soulful voice and emotive songwriting, Matt brings a depth of feeling to the track that is both moving and unforgettable.

Lucky for fans of Matt, "The Calm And The Storm," is just the beginning of a string of new music from Freedman. "This song will be featured on an upcoming EP later this year.  We've been in the studio for the past few months recording for this upcoming EP and my debut full length record," Matt shared. Needless to say, we can't wait to see what this dynamic artist does next!


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