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LISTEN: Emerging Country Songstress Genevieve Fisher "Now We're Talking," Is Just What Your Playlist Needs

The mid-tempo pop country bop perfectly captures the first feelings of falling in love.

Falling for someone fast is something that can sometimes be hard to put in to words. Today, rising country music songstress chronicles the relatable feeling of meeting someone and clicking instantly. "Now We're Talking," penned by  Mackenzie PorterSteven Lee OlsenJason Massey and Lydia Vaughan, the heart-warming track offers listeners a first hand POV into a budding new relationship.

Honing in on her craft and sticking to the stylings she loves, the riser strikes gold with the breakout new track. Genevieve's tender vocal narrates the juggernaut of emotions we as humans feel as we navigate a new love interest. From being strangers, to chatting about the future, Fisher manages to touch on the plethora of things that race through one's mind. Not to mention, the clever intrumentaion aids in recounting all the highs and lows we feel as love whips us upside down.

I am SO excited about this new song! I had reached out to my producer about 7 months ago looking for something uptempo. Among the songs he suggested was “Now We’re Talking” - this one jumped out at me as the “next one,” it’s quite literally mine and my husband’s love story,” Genevieve shares with All Country News. “The tracks were recorded and produced in Nashville, with my vocals recorded in my little home studio (aka my closet haha!). It’s an honour to be releasing a song written by such incredible songwriters, and hope you love this one as much as I do!” 

With its bright melodic sound fresh lyrics, "Now We're Talking," appeals to the hopeless romantics in us all.


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