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Listen: Michael James Finds The Silver Lining In Latest Single "Can I Get An Amen"

The upbeat track is a poigant reminder to keep your head up even when facing hard times.

Credit Kyle Reppa

Navigating the ups and downs can be a tricky journey. With his strong faith on his side, rising country singer-songwriter Michael James gifts fans musical comfort with his latest single, "Can I Get An Amen." Hailing from Long Island, New York and growing up near the beach, Michael's love for country music was sparked when he attended a Kenny Chesney concert with his father at the age of 13. Finding inspiration of that feel good easy-breezy sound, Michael taps into the positive vibes and invites fans to find the silver lining.

Michael's passion for mixing country and Christian music is evident in every note he sings, as he seamlessly blends the two genres together. The track penned by James alongside Aaron Armstrong and Cole Phillips showcases both his unique style and strong faith. The essence of the track lies not only in its melodic sound, but also in its ability to creatively connect. We have all found ourselves in the face of hardship and turned to music for comfort. Driven by his own personal journey, Michael's goal is to connect with fans.

“This song came from a place of reality and experience. "Can I Get an Amen" is a song made to help keep your head up through the hard times and see that there is light in the dark. It already puts me and my close circle in such a good mood when it comes on so I'm looking forward to seeing how God impacts people's lives with it." writes Michael of the song.

Determined to bring his story forward style of country to life, Micheal James ability to connect with fans through real life stories is evident. Isn't that what country music is all about?


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