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LISTEN: Troy Cartwright Adds Another Hit To His Discography With "How Smart I Am"

The Music Row stronghold is once again flexing his songwriting muscles in a new unforgettable country bop.

Photo by Erika Rock

Known for his masterful storytelling and enchanting melodies, Music City's resident troubadour Troy Cartwright adds another hit to his musical arsenal. Staying true to his dynamic ethos, "How Smart I Am" offers up a new take on love lost. Penned by Troy with Zach Abend, and Matt Rogers recalls a few grave mistakes that were made in the downfall of a relationship. 

Relishing in the fact that he let the perfect girl slip through his fingers, the Texas native rattles off all the things he should have done over the course of his relationship. With lines like "I did pretty well on my SAT, but I couldn't see the math right in front of me," Troy delivers a clever take on grappling with the "what ifs" when a relationship ends.

His evocative lyrics vividly depict the protagonist's emotional turmoil, yet the uptempo melody adds a touch of angst that makes the listener connect further.  Troy has a way of finding acute moments from everyday life and truly amplifying them. From note to note the sonically provocative track pulls fans in and makes them close their eyes to recount this moment in their lives.

Highlighted by a commanding cadence and relatable storytelling, Troy soars. Unafraid to lean into narratives that make him feel most creative, the country riser once again sets the tone for master tune-smiths in the genre.


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