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Logan Michael's Fiery Response to Heartbreak Shines In Latest Single 'Breaking Point (F U)'

Logan Michael is flipping the bird to his old flame in this gritty new breakup anthem.

Fresh off his EP “Hope For Tomorrow” and most recently delivering 2 buzzing singles “Another Go” and “Whiskey Serenade” in early 2023, Logan is continuing his long string of universal tracks with Breaking Point (F U).

From the jump the track offers up a ubiquitous sound of angry guitar picks and a steady and well placed tambourine. With a soulful twang and a fiery guitar riff, Logan Micheal bids farewell to a toxic ex. The California native's raw tone shines and his lists off the things he has had enough at thanks to a girl he thought he loved. With raw emotion oozing from every lyric, the new track is a shining example of Logan's storytelling prowess. "While shooting whiskey and dying inside," Logan musters up the courage to finally lay it all out on the line and drive off in a cloud of dust.

Fans have also chimed in with their approval of the track, begging for Logan to drop the song. Under every social media post, fans have flooded the comments eagerly requesting the release of the song

Honing in on his craft and sticking to the stylings he loves, the born hitmaker strikes gold. 'Breaking Point (F U)' highlights the growth that Logan has had in his journey. The creative juggernaut is a testament to where the power of blending styles, sounds and pushing creative boundaries can get you.


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