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LOOK: George Kittle and Brock Purdy Bring a Touchdown of Fun to Luke Combs Concert

At Levi's Stadium on Saturday night, country music superstar Luke Combs might have found himself upstaged by two unexpected guests: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy and tight end George Kittle. The electrifying concert took a memorable turn when Combs, midway through his hit song "1, 2 Many," invited these NFL stars to join him on stage.

Credit | David Bergman

The atmosphere was already electric, but it reached a fever pitch when Kittle enthusiastically embraced a beloved tradition at Combs' concerts—shotgunning a beer with the singer. As Kittle expertly downed his drink, Purdy played the perfect wingman, handing out Bud Lights to their friends on stage, ensuring everyone was in on the fun.

Not one to be outdone, Kittle took the energy up another notch. Channeling his inner "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, he called for two more beers from Purdy. In a move reminiscent of the wrestling icon, Kittle smashed the cans together, sending a spray of beer into the air, before slamming them to the ground to the delight of the roaring crowd.

This impromptu performance showcased not only the camaraderie between Kittle and Purdy but also their undeniable flair for showmanship. Their antics added an unforgettable twist to an already stellar night of country music, proving that the 49ers stars are just as entertaining off the field as they are on it. Luke Combs might have been the headliner, but with Kittle and Purdy's spirited participation, the night transformed into a spectacular fusion of country music and football celebration.


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