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LOOK: Maddie & Tae Kick Off Their Headlining Tour With Sold Out Hopewell, VA Crowd

Via Marisa Taylor

Amidst a wave of anticipation, Maddie and Tae inaugurated their latest tour with an electrifying performance that set the bar high from the get-go. With a seamless blend of talent and stage presence, the duo commanded the attention of the audience from the first note. Their masterful harmonies and dynamic stagecraft created an atmosphere that was both captivating and exhilarating. Kicking off the "Here's To Friends" Tour in Virgina, the night was full of memorable moments.

The Beacon Theater in Hopewell, VA was filled with anticipation, excited shrieks, and amiable chatter prior to Maddie & Tae burning up the stage with their electrifying set. As the lights grew darker and darker, the crowd sat in anticipated silence until they heard the first notes of "Spring Cleaning", which was followed by en energy-filled unreleased song.

Gracing the crowd with their presence, there was not a single person among the 3,000 who was not captivated by the performance. The crowd was filled with kids hoisting onto their parents shoulders, trying to get the best view in the venue, to older adults scream-singing to the heartfelt, vulnerable, and gravitating lyrics throughout the night.

Maddie & Tae have lyrics that reach broad audiences, resonating with those of any step in their journey. This was demonstrated through performing "Fly" and giving beacons of hope to whoever would listen, to "Tryin' on Rings" and deciding to settle down, or to those who needed "Die From A Broken Heart" at just the right time in their lives.

Through an impactful and stacked discography, the transitions from song to song were seamless. Reminiscing on hits from their first record, "Start Here", with "Your Side Of Town", which was, in fact, written on a true story, then demonstrating their growth in the industry by going to "More Than Maybes" immediately following "Girl In A Country Song".

After 15 years of being best friends and a quintessential duo in country music, they had a lot of ground to cover in a 90 minute set. While delivering songs, they managed to still show their appreciation to the crowd by interacting with fans, including a girl who had a sign asking Tae for a guitar pick to complete her Maddie & Tae set. The duo fulfilled her wish.

Prior to their set, Anna Vaus took the stage for an acoustic yet powerful set. Hearing many wows throughout the crowd, the California-native left the show with a catalog of new fans. Perhaps this was from her intelligent songwriting? Her impeccable Fleetwood Mac cover? Or perhaps just her stainless vocals that radiated throughout the auditorium? Not only was her family in the crowd, but so were people who recognized her from her recent CMT performance debut with Keith Urban.

Maddie & Tae gave the crowd another surprise by bringing Vaus out again to sing the song she wrote, which is the duo's recent single to radio with over 14M streams- "Heart They Didn't Break". Revealing Tae's first recorded solo in the duo's career, the crowd listened in awe with such intent.

If the rest of tour is anything like the kick-off, fans are in for a surprise and a memorable night. Catch them throughout the country for the next month and don't forget to grab a VIP upgrade to meet them, too!


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