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MacKenzie Porter's "Chasing Tornados" Captures What Whirlwind Love Is Like

Looking for a song to blare with your windows are down? Well we got you covered!

Today ACM nominee and born hitmaker MacKenzie Porter releases her self confident new single Chasing Tornadoes. Written by fellow female powerhouse Lainey Wilson with Emily Landis, Jamie Moore the song is equal parts strong as it is sassy.

From the first twang ridden note, fans know they are in for a fun time. With lyrics like I’m gonna go where the wild wind blows/Tearing up the road/Chasing tornadoes perfectly accompany the whirlwind feeling of love Mackenzie sings of.

“'Chasing Tornadoes' is the first song off of my full-length, debut album with Big Loud,” beams Porter. "We have so much new music coming, and this is the perfect intro to what the rest of the record feels like. It’s such a fun, feel-good song, and I can’t wait to play it live!

MacKenzie's ability to so vividly capture the idea of a fast paced love in a song is quite impressive. Porter's voice soars and allows fans to step right into the toe tappin' track.

Brought to life with the release of its official music video, premiering live on YouTube Monday (5/8) at 5pm CT, the Justin Clough directed clip shot in the lively streets of Las Vegas sees Porter's storm roll in through the city that never sleeps, disrupting everything in her path alongside her partner in crime.

If this is any taste of what MacKenzie's debut album is like, sign us up!


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