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Macy Krew Finds Her Confidence In Sassy New Single "Girl Next Door"

This country songstress refuses to be a door mat!

Today Music City riser Macy Krew gives us a unapologetic new anthem in Girl Next Door. The drum heavy track ignites the confidence in all of us! Refusing to be the "cookie cutter, picket fence, fairy tale with white lace," Krew steps into her power. The track song channels being yourself, proving that you don’t have to fit the definition of the innocent ‘girl next door.’

"Be proud to break the mold and don't apologize for it, y'all! What you see is what you get with me. This song is all about celebrating your confident edge while remembering your roots to pave the way. You don't need to fit any definition when you can make your own," Macy says of the new track to All Country News.

The Grand Rapids perfectly blends 90s country sensibilities with a dash of rock and roll and a whole lot of flair. Self-assured and bold, Macy's ability to connect authentically through sonic and story makes her a standout in the music city community! Letting her heart and sparkle lead the way, Girl Next Door is an anthem for any girl who isn't afraid to be a little left of center!


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