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Matt Koziol Shows Off His Southern Rock Flair In Latest Single " You Better Run, Son"

Matt Koziol is a true-blue country-rock artist that you need to have on your radar.

Born and raised to a blue collar family in New Jersey, Matt sings of the humble moments from his own story with a healthy dose of southern flair. His latest single You Better Run, Son shows off the riser's impressive range.

"You Better Run, Son is one of the handful I recorded earlier this year. It is a fun one to play real loud," Matt said on his social media.

Matt's country gravel tells the tale of man who did wrong and should probably pack his bags and head out of town! Backed by a swampy guitar and a heavy bass line, Matt's track is a breath of fresh air in an often over produced country scene. The unique track showcases his irresistibly gritty vocals and guitar-slinging style of warm, rock-leaning country flair.

You can blame it on the lightning, You can blame it on the sun,

Just get going now, Cuz Lord, You better run

“I spent a lot of my early- to mid-20s writing with people out in California,” said Koziol in a press release. “People would always ask me, ‘what’s your sound?’—I had been traveling with bands to places like Nashville and knew I liked a lot of different kinds of music.”

A avid road dog, the riser is currently on tour with the southern rock group Whiskey Myers, plus a trio of dates with Shane Smith & The Saints.


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