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Matt Schuster Is Music City's Next Big Thing With Major Label Debut "Tell Me Tennessee"

There is a new country tenor in Music City that you need to take note of.

Photo credit: Robby Klein

Sometimes it his hard to break out of the grasp of your small-town roots, but Matt Schuster put those home grown lessons to good use. Growing in rural Charleston, Illinois, Matt always knew he loved music but never expected it to go from small town Music City. This week the small town midwesterner proudly steps into the Nashville lights with his breakout major label debut Tell Me Tennessee.

"Tell Me Tennessee," co-written by Schuster, Josh Dorr, Andy Albert, and Lalo Guzman, is a heartfelt debut that captures the essence of a musician chasing his dream on Music Row. Backed by a steady beat, Matt relishes in the fact that his shotgun rider is no longer there and battles with breaking up with a breakup. Rattling off Tennessee landmarks and quintessentially, southern moments, Matt, grapples with the fact that love lost might not be thinking about Tennessee, but damn does he sure hope so.

“'Tell Me Tennessee” felt like the perfect first song to put out with my new family at Warner Music Nashville because it's as much a love song as it is a song about chasing your dreams,” shares Schuster. “Since moving to Tennessee to pursue music, it's been such a whirlwind, and I think the romantic and nostalgic lyrics help paint the picture of how complicated yet exciting this chapter has been. This song is not only about the one that got away; it's also a song about the significance and hope that Tennessee holds for me.”

After arriving in Music City and taking TikTok by storm in late 2022 with a self-built audience over half a million strong and a series of hits that have earned him over 130M streams, Schuster's recent label partnership with Warner Music Nashville marks the arrival of a new star.

Lets get one thing straight, Matt could sing the phonebook and we would listen. Bringing a fresh and unique approach to country music, Schuster is making is own lane. Earnest is creating universal storylines, Matt's vulnerable lyrics, distinctive vocals and throughly engaging narratives, proves he has the makings of a bonifed superstar.


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