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Matthew Wayne Delivers Soulful Melody With"Work Truck"

Matthew Wayne’s new song is the country gold you’ll be playing on repeat!

"Work Truck" by Matthew Wayne is a heartfelt ballad that transcends the boundaries of genre, weaving a tale of nostalgia and the simple joys that define our existence. It transports listeners to the dusty roads and open landscapes that charaterize rural life. Not to mention, Wayne's warm and earnest vocals bring to life the image of an old work truck, its engine humming like a reliable friend. The song's narrative unfolds as the singer reflects on the memories associated with this trusted vehicle – a steadfast companion that has borne witness to life's triumphs and tribulations.

With its melodic simplicity, the track encapsulates the beauty of life's unassuming moments. The lyrics speak of a couple sitting side by side in the cab, laughter mingling with the wind as they take in the world around them. This imagery serves as a reminder that happiness often resides in the smallest of gestures, and it's these unadorned experiences that shape our most cherished memories.

Matthew Wayne told All Country News, “This song features a slew of Nashville's most talented players! Mark Hill and Jenee Fleenor who just won ACM awards for their respective instruments alongside Tom Bukovac, John Willis, Russ Pahl, David Crutcher and Evan Hutchings. With producer Dan Frizsell in the control room, it was such a special session!”

The work truck becomes a vessel not just for transportation, but a tangible representation of life's journey, with each dent and scratch telling its own timeless love story. The song encompasses the soul and charm of earlier country singers. “I wrote this with two of my favorite songwriters in Nashville, Johnny Gates (Reckless, Morning Person, Last Call) and Nate Kenyon (Wrong Side of the Bed) and I knew we would get a classic that day,” Wayne exclaimed.

“Work Truck” by Matthew Wayne is a bittersweet acknowledgment that time moves forward, changing landscapes and circumstances, but the memories woven into the fabric of our existence remain steadfast. Through its evocative lyrics and soulful delivery, it reminds us that our lives are composed of these simple pleasures and love isn’t all glitz and glamour. As the music fades, we're left with a renewed appreciation for the journey we're on and the cherished memories that ride alongside us, much like that faithful work truck down the winding road of life.

“It was amazing to have this song featured at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. It's a day that will forever be special for me.” Don’t miss Matthew Wayne’s new hit out today on all streaming platforms!


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