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Mitch Zorn Returns with the Ultimate Summer Anthem "Home"

Breakout country star Mitch Zorn is back, and he's brought the perfect summer anthem with him. After spending four transformative years splitting his time between Texas and Tennessee, Zorn has returned to his roots in Canada, ready to take the Canadian Country Music Scene by storm. His latest release, "Home," encapsulates the essence of summer and love, making it a must-listen track for the season.

A Musical Journey from Nakusp to Nashville

Hailing from the small town of Nakusp, BC, Mitch Zorn's journey to becoming a country music sensation has been anything but ordinary. With over a decade of experience playing stages across Canada and the U.S., Zorn has developed a unique sound that resonates with fans on both sides of the border. His time in the heart of country music, Texas and Tennessee, has imbued his work with authenticity and depth, making "Home" a standout track.

The Art of Storytelling in "Home"

Mitch Zorn's songwriting is where he truly shines. His ability to weave meaningful narratives from everyday experiences sets him apart in the crowded country music landscape. Co-written with Allie Sealey, "Home" is a testament to his talent for capturing the essence of life's simple joys and turning them into lyrical masterpieces.

A Deep Dive into "Home"


40 miles north of AbileneRed dirt and oil but it’s just me The only thing missing is a melody And you singing a radio song

The opening lines set the stage with vivid imagery of Texas landscapes and a sense of solitude, immediately drawing listeners into Zorn's world. The mention of a missing melody and a radio song hints at a deeper longing, setting up the emotional journey of the song.


The chorus of "Home" is where Zorn's lyrical prowess truly shines. The juxtaposition of Nashville lights and the comfort of holding a loved one tight conveys a powerful message: home is not a place, but a person. This universal theme of love and belonging is what makes "Home" resonate so deeply with listeners.


Dancing in the kitchen wearing my old t-shirt Staring at you wishin’ I could lay you down It’s a coffee for two, kissing under the moon Runnin’ round this town with you I’m home

This verse continues to paint a picture of domestic bliss, highlighting the beauty in everyday moments. The imagery of dancing in the kitchen and moonlit kisses creates an intimate, relatable scene that listeners can easily connect with.


I thought many times about leaving hereS etting down the tools and switching gears This oilfield life these last 5 years Think it’s time to move on

Cuz I love football games in Dallas The rhythm in Austin is cool I guess But they don’t have you in a red sundress Singing all summer long

The bridge of "Home" brings a sense of resolution, as Zorn contemplates leaving his current life behind for something new. His love for football games and Austin's rhythm is acknowledged, but ultimately, it's the absence of his loved one that drives his decision, underscoring the song's central theme of home being where the heart is.

Final Thoughts on "Home"

Mitch Zorn's "Home" is more than just a summer anthem; it's a heartfelt declaration of love and belonging. The song's rich lyrics and catchy melody make it perfect for blasting through your speakers as you soak up the summer sun. With its universal themes and relatable imagery, "Home" is sure to become a favorite for country music fans everywhere.

"Home" tells the story of a man working in the Texas oil fields, who often thinks about his home in Nashville and the woman and loved ones he left behind. The song was inspired by my life in my 20s where I worked hard in Texas in order to chase my dream of becoming a country artist in Nashville. Now returning to my hometown of Nakusp, BC a decade later, it seemed fitting to release this track that shares a bit about my story and where I come from," Mitch shared with All Country News.

As Mitch Zorn embarks on this new chapter in his career, "Home" stands as a testament to his growth as an artist and his ability to connect with listeners on a deeply personal level. So, turn up the volume, let the music wash over you, and find your own sense of home in Mitch Zorn's latest hit.


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