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Morgan Wallen Given The Ok To Return To The Stage By His Doctors!

Morgan Wallen fans rejoice!

Yesterday Morgan delivered the news that fans have been hoping for, he is ready to be back on stage!

Weeks ago Wallen shared a somber message to fans of the unfortunate news.

“I got some bad news from my Doctors at the Vanderbilt Voice Center yesterday. After taking ten days of vocal rest, I performed three shows last weekend in Florida and by the third one I felt terrible,” he shared. “So, I went in and got scoped yesterday and they told me I injured my vocal cords and that I have vocal fold trauma. Their advice is that I go on vocal rest for six weeks. So that’s what I’m going to do. They want me to not talk at all, but they said it’s okay if I need to for something like this.”

Wallen's first show back will be in Chicago at Wrigley Field the home of the Chicago Cubs on June 22nd. Wallen will be joined by HARDY, ERNEST, and Bailey Zimmerman on Thursday. Friday, June 23, will feature Parker McCollum, ERNEST, and Bailey Zimmerman.


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