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WATCH: Nate Smith Pulls Hilarious Prank on Thomas Rhett

The audience had no idea what was in store! In a recent event that left fans in stitches, Nate Smith pulled off an epic prank on country superstar Thomas Rhett during a live performance at the Bridgestone Show on September 30.

Nate Smith is no stranger to pranks and playful antics. Known for his sense of humor and easygoing nature, Smith decided to cook up a rib-tickling surprise for his friend and fellow musician, Thomas Rhett. Smith joined Rhett on stage to sing a duet of "Beer Can't Fix," a popular country song co-written and recorded by Thomas Rhett, featuring country legend Jon Pardi. The song's upbeat melody revolves around the idea that life's problems can be solved or at least temporarily forgotten with the help of some good ol' beer.

For this uproarious prank, Nate Smith donned an elaborate beer keg costume. It was complete with a silver metallic exterior and a massive tap-shaped hat. The opening chords of the song began, and to their amazement, a giant beer keg walked onto the stage alongside friends dressed in other beer shaped costumes. The crowd roared with laughter and applause as they realized that the beer keg was none other than Nate Smith himself.

As Rhett and Smith sang, danced, and interacted with the crowd, the entire performance was filled with laughter and merriment. The entire stadium was buzzing with excitement, and social media quickly exploded with videos and pictures of the beer keg duet. Nate Smith shared a post on his Instagram that received hundreds of comments, including one from lisa who said “We legit thought you were the tin man 😂😂 until we realized what you actually were! Well done guys! We had a great time last night! And, Nate, don’t stop being the sweet, awesome guy you are! It was so fun to meet you!”

Nate Smith's prank on Thomas Rhett, dressing up as a beer keg and performing a duet of "Beer Can't Fix," brought an unexpected and much-needed dose of laughter to the world of country music. We love seeing how these artists made the show more than just a performance, but true entertainment.

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