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Paige Rutledge Unveils Raw Emotion in Acoustic Version of "The Worst Thing"

Country artist Paige Rutledge has released a captivating acoustic version and music video for her emotionally charged single, "The Worst Thing." The video, set in an intimate dance studio with dim lighting, puts Paige in the spotlight, allowing her emotions to shine as she delivers a soul-stirring performance. The simplicity of the setting emphasizes the depth of the song's meaning, giving viewers a front-row seat to Paige's heartfelt rendition.

In an Instagram post, Paige expressed gratitude to Justin Friesen for helping bring her vision to life and to Matt Koebel for assisting in creating a fresh take on a song that already held significant personal meaning. The video's minimalist approach provides a powerful platform for Paige's emotional delivery and showcases the authenticity of her connection to the music.

Paige Rutledge, recognized as one of Ontario's most promising country artists, was introduced to the genre at a young age. Her journey in music began with a deep realization of its connective power when she sang at her grandfather's funeral in 2007. Since then, Paige has become a vibrant force in the country music scene, known for her dynamic performances and energetic stage presence.

Having graced stages across Canada and Nashville, Tennessee, Paige's star continues to rise. In 2023, she performed at Toronto's iconic Yonge-Dundas Square and shared the stage with Grammy-nominated artist Walker Hayes and Canadian country star Tim Hicks. Paige's upcoming performance at The Hollyrood Country Jamboree in July 2024 alongside headliners Tyler Joe Miller and Jason McCoy is highly anticipated.

"The Worst Thing" lyrics echo the complexities of heartbreak and the plea for honesty in a breakup. Paige Rutledge's soulful delivery adds a layer of authenticity to the narrative, making the song resonate with listeners on a profound level.

"I think there is something to be said about a relationship that ends with no reason. You wish the other person had cheated or done something to make you hate them and give you a reason to move on," Paige tells All Country News. "Those were the ideas my co-writers Lydia Sutherland and Rich Cloke and I explored while writing The Worst Thing. When we first went intro production with this song, I knew I wanted to have a “sing your heart out in the car” kind of vibe which is how the song sounds if you listen on streaming platforms. When it came time to doing a video, I wanted to take a different approach and strip back the song so that the lyrics were the primary focus. The director, Justin Friesen, jumped on board with the idea right away and I am so proud of how the video turned out. Now listeners can have two versions of a song that means so much to me.”

As Paige continues to captivate audiences with her genuine talent and relatable storytelling, the acoustic version of "The Worst Thing" stands as a testament to her ability to convey emotion and connect with her audience on a deeply personal level. The music video provides a window into Paige's soul, showcasing the vulnerability and passion that define her artistry.


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