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PHOTOS: Tim McGraw’s Standing Room Only Tour Lights Up Fort. Worth's Dickies Arena

Country music veteran and superstar Tim McGraw brought his high octane show to the Lone Star State!

Tim McGraw's Standing Room Only Tour was off to an electric start with the talented sibling trio, Track45, setting the stage on fire. Ben, Jenna, and KK Johnson brought their Mississippi roots to the forefront, captivating the audience with their infectious energy and impressive songwriting credits that include big names like Justin Timberlake and Dierks Bentley. With hits like "Family" and "Last Man in Tennessee" from their EP "Grew Up On," Track45 proved they're destined for greatness. Keep an eye out for their upcoming shows because this trio is just getting started!

But the excitement didn't stop there. As fans eagerly filled the arena, they were in for a treat as country superstar Carly Pearce took the stage by storm. With a packed house from the get-go, Pearce wasted no time in delivering a powerhouse performance, kicking things off with a medley of her chart-topping hits like "Never Wanted To Be That Girl" and "Every Little Thing," and favorite "Hope You're Happy Now"

But Pearce wasn't just about her own hits; she also paid homage to country royalty with a soulful rendition of Faith Hill's classic "Let’s Go to Vegas," showcasing her versatility and respect for the genre's legends.

Fans craving new music from Pearce need not worry, as her electrifying performance hinted at even more greatness to come. With her Kentucky charm and undeniable talent, Pearce left the audience wanting more, proving why she's a force to be reckoned with in the country music scene.

Tim kicked off his set with a rock ‘n’ roll entrance that set the tone for an unforgettable night. As the LED wall lit up with his silhouette amidst lasers and electric guitars, 14,000 fans erupted into cheers as the country icon emerged through the fog, clad in his signature sleek black cowboy hat and v-neck.

From the get-go, McGraw had the crowd on their feet with the high-energy anthem "Truck Yeah" from his hit album "Two Lanes of Freedom". But this wasn't just a showcase of his latest tracks; it was a journey through his illustrious career, spanning decades of chart-toppers and fan favorites.

Hits like "Southern Voice," "Tiny Dancer" (a stunning Elton John cover), and "Something Like That" had the audience singing along at the top of their lungs, while special moments like "Highway Don't Care" featuring Taylor Swift's vocals brought an extra level of excitement.

It's no wonder why Tim McGraw is a household name in country music. With over 90 million records sold worldwide, 46 number one singles, and 19 number one albums, he's a true legend in the genre. And his latest album, Standing Room Only, is proof that he's still at the top of his game, with the title track breaking records for first-week streams.

If you missed out on the magic of his Dickies Arena performance, fear not! The Standing Room Only Tour is still in full swing, taking fans on a musical journey through June 29th. Make sure to check his website for tour dates and catch him live if he's coming to a city near you.

With a setlist packed full of hits both old and new, Tim McGraw delivered a concert experience that was not just memorable, but truly unforgettable. From the infectious energy to the heartfelt lyrics, it's clear why fans keep coming back for more. So, as Tim himself would say, "Live Like You Were Dying" and don't miss your chance to experience the magic of Tim McGraw live in concert.


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